City of mystery, of enchantment– welcome to City of mystery, of enchantment…
Imagine if you had three wishes, three hopes, three dreams and they all could come true…

Style: Progressive House.

Ali Ababwa - Summer of Love, [Progressive Trance, Vocal Trance]


I remember those wonderful moments in Vyborg, like in Barcelona: a summer warm sunny day… I am wandering with my loved one along mysterious cobbled streets of the old town… exactly this music sounds in our headphones… that rhythm, that depth “breakdown”… those tears of happiness, that sea of sun, the ocean of freedom, that beauty and love that came to us…

Summer of Loveis the quintessence of a loved one, shiny and kind, performed with incredibly delicate and beautiful voice in combination with the best arrangements.

Styles: Progressive Trance, Vocal Trance.

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“Somebody out there likes me
I can see it in your smile.
Every time I think of you
I know it’s only a matter of time.
Before I’ll be looking into two those deep sincere eyes
And out of this masquerade.
You re-ashore me everything is gonna be fine.
My hung no boundaries I feel my spirit shine.
And I’ve glanced over the precipices
Presence pulls me back.
And all the good in me
Is finally set free.
And I’ll be,
I’ll see,
I’ll be free 
Though I’d love to hold you
Give you my affection
It’s only right to share this beautiful air without despair.
Somebody out there knows me
You reflect it in your mind.
Something that I may forgive
The times when I don’t try.
I focus on the positive
Remember why I live.
Thank you for reminding me
Reasons to forgive
Reasons to forgive
I’ve glanced over the precipices
Your presence pulls me back
And all the good in me is finally set free.”

Ali Ababwa - Mountains of wonders, [Atmospheric Breaks, Progressive Breaks]


Mountains of wonders– filled with incredible sunny positive and love is a flight over the endless mountains of happy tears…

This is freedom! This is a comprehensive, all-consuming love… The incarnation of perhaps everything clear, kind, and warm, performed in Atmospheric Breaks style, one of the most positive and cheerful music styles.

Styles: Atmospheric Breaks, Progressive Breaks.

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The third composition...

The third composition…


Arctic Desert Adventure– we are plunging into wonderful ethnically-dark progressive in the Arctic wilderness…

Winter caressing sun… snow dunes on the ends of the Earth… And we are leaving, leaving for conquering them! For a ski tour… heading towards the sun, towards the wonders… Adventure and wonders are awaiting us…

Styles: Progressive House, Dark Progressive.

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The first track is the life hours, magically distorting time and space, so wrapping… slowly gaining its momentum to the second one – serene Arctic wilderness, a quiet start of our journey – awakening.

Rhythmical, sometimes stinging arctic expanse in the third track is replaced by the atmospheric fourth one. With incredible vigor we are overcoming the hardest obstacles, our great outfit helps us to do that! Powerful guys, here we feel how our internal reserves unite to make us soar – not walk – in the vast Arctic wilderness.

Such an exciting flight takes us to the next level of the fifth part of our journey, which is love … we are flying over the plains of paradise inhabited by some wonderful pleasant creatures.

The sixth – composition is the continuation of our journey, colored with some booming dark trails, gradually gaining its momentum from the sirens of the seventh, track, returning with even greater force and energetically powerful mash-ups which lead out to the climax that is transformed by incredible ethnic colors of the magical eighth part of our flight.

The final, full of drive and life ninth part is the celestial river Ganga… it is a bit sad but very pleasant… pleasant to tears, tears of happiness…

Until next time, mystical arctic desert…

Ali Ababwa - Underwater adventure, [Progressive House, Progressive Trance]


Underwater adventure– I offer you to literally plunge into the underwater world, so mysterious and enchanting, with its immense atmosphere.

This mix, just like the previous “Back to nature’ wonders”, reflects the beauty of nature, though this time this is not a forest but the underwater adventure.

I remember a beautiful sunny day, I have a waterproof shoulder bag with a bass speaker, mask, snorkel, and flippers inside… (this is what I actually recommend you, to listen to this music away from people, better under the water)
We are diving…

Styles: Progressive House, Progressive Trance.

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The first track echoes with the surface of a familiar world, which is replaced by the underwater component, then it slowly gains momentum, because there is no need to rush under the water…

The second track… underwater colors stun by their extraordinary beauty. Soothe and calm…

The third one… we are feeling the water and massiveness inherent to the underwater kingdom, occasionally diluted with bursts of an electrocuting ray.

The fourth has the same drive to skin creeps, to tears, tears of happiness. It seems there can’t be anything more beautiful but you always discover something new, even more exciting.

The fifth one is wrapping you by its atmosphere… I am taking a deep dive and swimming right along a seabed admiring the variety of fish in the corals, then I get back to the surface to take a breath… I feel like I am a seal bursting through the waters of the sea, and then again and again… oh yes, it is so nice…

And the sixth one… how pleasing those bubbles coming through the water are, how often I saw that in my dreams, its wonderful leitmotif… it is so wraparound and emotional… Underwater wonders… we see them, because we want to see them and most importantly because we hear them.

The seventh melody is the continuation of our adventure, its vigor is leading us to the final theme – the theme of Captain Nemo from Odem.

It’s getting dark, the sun is hiding behind the mountain but a part of the underwater world is still lit up. I am swimming in a small gorge, much of which is in the shade and only one third is in the light.

The final eighth driving track. This wonderful gorge is full of small fish and it has beautiful walls covered with all kinds of vegetation… this is how the paradise looks like…

It’s a bit sad that the sun is going down but there are still ten minutes to enjoy this contrast of lights and shadows, to enjoy while playing this simple game of diving over and over again toward the seabed, admiring these fish and underwater beauty.

“Breakdown”… There is nothing better than to freeze at the bottom of the sea at this moment… The fascinating singing of sea sirens complemented with air bubbles keeps repeating again and again throughout the entire music piece.

It is insanely beautiful and pleasantly sad, something intimate to tears and so dear, something to enjoy, to believe, and to love.

Until we meet again let the outgoing divine sun come to your dreams and give hope for pleasant summer moments…

What do you see? Just dive…

Reviews ↓

This is the underwater world indeed. The music coming from the coastal rustle, sea currents and small creeks, underwater phantasmagoria and the mad dance of colors, perpetual motion and cool static. The water has a lot of incarnations and it seems that this mix has managed to comprise them all. The journey into the world that we can not see, moreover, many of us have never seen it before. But it’s very close, so accessible and so mysterious. The world where people are occasional guests only.

The first track is the subsided sea. Do you know the expression “the waves are extinguishing the wind”? It’s quite the opposite here: the wind is extinguishing the waves, the sea is calm. We are dressed in diving suits, we are ready to plunge into the abyss for the first time, but do not yet know what it is and what secrets it will reveal. A prelude is full of mystery that attracts and frightens at the same time. It seems to me that by drama the quiet whisper of waves can be compared to more rhythmic parts, this is a primordial sound in fact. I think this is how the universe was created, from the murmur of the first sea pounding the first coast.

But the quietness is soon replaced by something else. The first step made by a pioneer, only water is around, the familiar world remains above his head while the unknown world welcomes him with bright colors and undercurrents. There is much oxygen so let’s dive! It seems to me that this chaotic movement of thousands of fish and other underwater inhabitants is the life in its most energetic manifestation. I almost see how the schools of small and big fish are moving around making sudden maneuvers, scattering and gathering together again in a single shoal. Al managed to omit the classic theme of sadness: there is a kind of peace, an understanding that a man is not alone in this world. For a moment he is seized by melancholy but he can cope with it because there is so much interesting awaiting him. There is no time for relaxation.

The third track is really electric. It seemed that I heard a real rumble of thunder in the water as if a thunderstorm started while we were swimming. The sea is getting darker, we can hear its transformation from peaceful to menacing. The tension is growing. What is the most surprising in this track is a sudden tranquility theme? It is revealed in full there. Whatever is going on the surface, we are safe here. We can dive deeper and deeper into the abyss, every second finding something that we have NEVER seen before. Discovering of the new is accompanied by distant storm sounds – do you remember that feeling? Personally, I often experienced that before when I was little and curious.

Transition to the fourth part of the story about another world is acceleration. Time is running faster. Marine inhabitants are so unpredictable that we can hear an alien music that is accompanying their movements. As if everything is dancing around to its sounds. In order to hear it, you should discard the categories we got used to thinking over. Al seemed to succeed in catching that music, I do not know either really under the water or during some specific life circumstances. This song made me think that there is always a great deal of new discoveries around us but we do not notice them, even don’t try to.

Part Five. A seabed. There is something of Dali – paintings of feelings, perhaps, that have as much in common with real life as fish have with a human. Slight distortion caused by a droplet of water seeped inside the mask. The seabed seems to be alive. There is something fumbling, moving but not scaring, on the contrary, it makes us get closer to look at it. At this point the feeling of anxiety disappears, apparently, the storm subsided and the sea got calm again. I feel something alien again. To a man accustomed to walking these semi-plants, anemones, corals seem to be something different from anything he has seen, something unreal. But here it is, you can reach your hand out and touch the colorful nature of the impossible. Hence a major key of the song, the joy of new discoveries and experience that can not be forgotten for many years, something that absorbs you completely but quickly fades when you try to explain it in simple human words.

The sixth part is literally growing out of the fifth. The pathfinder got to the bottom, finished what he was supposed to finish. The sixth composition is a free flight, the time without any sense, just enjoying the general picture. You stop to pay attention to the surrounding, you throw your heart to the elements, maybe even close your eyes and lose coordination. Where is the top, where is the bottom? What is the difference? Water is like an open space, it is with good reason that space travelers who have to live in the Earth orbit are trained in the water.

But the remaining two songs are difficult to comment because I see something quite different than Al described. However, this does not make them worse. The seventh part of our Odyssey is a little disturbing, though not due to the state of nature, but because of the realization that we are not at home here, that very soon we will have to come back to the shore followed with the eyes of sea animals. We do not invade their territory, we only came here as in the museum but instead got into another dimension. It is always sad to come back and nothing can be done with that. Thus, we have an epilog with a strange mixture of feelings – joy, admiration… but also sadness, the melancholy of inevitability, and nostalgia.

We stop somewhere in the water, close our eyes and turn into ears. The strange thing is that the water is singing. The 48th minute of the composition is the climax: calm, sad music woven from nostalgia and happiness at the same time about the life that is taking on new meaning, new content. This unexpected discovery we make after we have seen enough, we have known the beauty of the landscape. The eighth song is the final chord. Such a great discovery just before getting back home! The mix ends up on a somewhat sad note. If after spending so much time here we still find something new, it means it is not the time to leave yet but we must go on. There is little air left, we can not stay, we have to go up to the surface. Farewell, a strange but dear world!



Back to nature’ wondersis a beautiful and deep dive into the wonderful world of natural wonders. This is a unique mix of Leftfield, Deep House and Atmospheric Breaks styles. Leftfield blends in Deep House, then in Atmospheric Breaks composition.

This is a wonderful world, a wonderful forest with magical, incredibly beautiful and mysterious little creatures, neither birds nor some nice nibblers that soar up to tree crowns…

So let’s believe in wonders…

Mood: unity with nature, therefore it is recommended to listen to it in a warm sunny late-spring or summer day, only outside in nature, preferably in the forest (away from people).

Styles: Leftfield, Atmospheric Breaks, Deep House.

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I remember my friend and me… In a warm sunny, almost summer day in May…

we are going towards the wondrous forest each having a headphone in the ear (Jack x 2 adapter:) and the simultaneous start of the mix brings us the sense of happiness…

We are going far away, aimlessly towards the sun, towards the wonders…

The first composition in Leftfield style is performed in an aqua-grampus manner, especially the beginning as if a huge whale is prowling the endless ocean of dreams passing the bodies of abandoned submarines what is heard through some mysterious grinding echo sounds as if some strange mechanisms are working. It’s funny like in the circus, it seems the whole event is grotesque.

On the other hand, there is a mysterious forest full of marvelous birds (we are not in the forest yet even though it is already inside us), a unique combination of the man-made and nature.

We are committed to nature, it is seen through the rays of sun, a warm breeze, singing of birds, contrasting with industrial in all its glory, which will soon give up giving way to it superiority…

Nature… We are pleased to perish, slowly going into the woods accompanied by the second deep house track, immersing more and more in its embrace… in the embrace of nature… The city noise is left behind, everything around us comes alive: a perfect world, a perfect forest with magical beautiful and mysterious little creatures, half birds, half some cute nibbles, rising to the tree crowns…

With the next track the atmosphere becomes even more magical and mysterious, some magical oaks appear while we are playing some uncomplicated game running from a hill to hill, pretending as if we are riding the bikes… At a certain point, Druids appear; they are playing their magic music on the magic harps, plunging us into a deeper Deep House and then the protectively-pleasant warm bass appears with some progressive intonations, to skin creeps, to tears, tears of happiness…

And here Atmospheric Breaks composition is being heard. We are going through our dreams, through the trees, through which the sun is seen, we are gradually going higher and higher in the sky, which are characterized by the final driving theme about Captain Nemo from Odem – the heaven is bursting with happiness, this is the culmination of our journey!

Until next time and let the divine sun, which is hiding behind the horizon, come in your dreams and give hope for pleasant moments of the summer 🙂

And what do you see? Go and listen to it in the woods, back to the wonders of nature…

P.S. It is recommended to listen to it in a warm sunny late-spring or summer day, only outside in nature, preferably in the forest (away from people).

Reviews ↓

Back to basics, back to nature through the lens of technological civilization locked amid glass and concrete houses and plastic. Impressive duration, ambiguous interpretation and imperceptible transition from expectant silence to feelings and emotions. This is probably one of the best tracks I’ve heard lately. You’ve managed to combine almost incompatible – emptiness and fullness. Typically, the compositions are either transparent or too weighty, but this one is balanced to perfection!

As I fancy, the first composition refers to something either airy or aquatic. I am inclined to the first option – it is like a vast ocean, where there is no physical force. Melancholiness and measured glide that is not marred with air or water resistance, friction force, and any other forces of nature. You can lie on the grass and (for 9 minutes) infinitely look at the sky to the sounds of this music. Especially if it is the sky before the storm, as there is some strange anxiety. This is what happens when everything freezes before the storm. And the clouds are blown very quickly. Some sounds of nature like birds’ twitter emphasize this stiffed time even more. Generally, the composition is somewhat epic, what is great.

The second song I think is somewhat woody. Walking through the park or the woods to its sounds is a real pleasure. The forest turns into a mysterious place, something unknown seems to be hiding behind the trees, something that no one but you has seen. It is a bit wet – drops fall into shallow puddles like after the rain, you can get a hefty dose of the natural shower. Birds and animals hid, their voices are heard from afar and they fill a void, not letting you fall into a meditative madness. The tension that appears later is associated with a dark grove, an unexpected windfall, traces of something huge and stern, representing either nature or even something alien. The forest, forest, and forest again. If anyone has any other associations, I would be very surprised.

The third track reminds me of a cave. Maybe you do won’t agree with me but this is my association. There is an echo, a mystery of a blind bend, branching corridors, a maze of cracks and crevices. In fact, I would say that at the same time it reminds a night city with its highways and mazes of streets, with a monstrous power of the human genius and some shade of loneliness. By the way, in the second half, the sense of loneliness is getting stronger, but it is a little optimistic and that is amazing. A great music bridge! This track is much more urbanistic, even a little scary, which makes it even nicer. A memorable music.

The fourth track reminded that the life is everywhere. Music seemed to indicate the variety of its forms, sizes, and colors. Even a man invades the music, some distant rumblings of the machines is heard through an intense natural avalanche of sounds, the rustling of insects under the feet, vibrant play of drops of dew, a lot of the most unexpected and totally organic samples. I was listening to this song while strolling along the park – on the one side there was the high-road, on the other – young summer greenery. I was impressed! By the way, at the end of the song the urbanistic sounds prevail and the music that is beyond description is being born – some epic song that breaks into our world through the veil of what nature has created and of what the man has made.

The last song I think is best to be listened the last. I do not know how it sounds when separately, but together with the rest of the tracks, it is a hallmark that summarizes all of the above. It is the hope for the unity of nature and man, human mind and spirit. It has the magic of present and future, some sounds are rather a symphony of artificial intelligence, some are the voice of a lulling wind. It reminded me of an old fantastic story about robots, which could write books, draw and admire the sunset. A sad, poignant song of the future in which people might not exist anymore. But there are some signs of them though that arouse respect and fear while nature is calming down, seeking to heal.

Well, it worked out epic and cool. If you listen to all five tracks as a whole mix, it is just great, unified, organic and powerful.


Indeed, the music turned out natural. Very good and beautiful, I think, I can even enjoy it in my headphones while walking in the park. Sounds are both natural and with human intervention at the same time. It’s very lively, sometimes babbling. Especially the first track. But the others are good, too. Sometimes I even forgot that I was listening to the music when I indeed was: I imagined I was going straight across the field, in the woods, walking along the beach with the corresponding sounds in the headphones. What a beauty!

The first track is simply remarkable! It brings associations about water, the ocean or probably cold and calm sea. I did not note down the time so it seemed almost an endless living world. Someone is swimming somewhere through the silent water. Well, romantic and beautiful. I wanted to go somewhere to the seaside, maybe to tropical countries, to lie on the beach and imagine the underwater inhabitants.

In the second part the forest appears. It is bright, beautiful and not very thick – just the one to have fun without getting lost in there. The birds and some animals are running around, they are making rustling sounds on the leaves. The only strange feeling is that as if someone is watching me. It’s a bit disturbing. I can’t relax and forget that I am listening to the music written by a man. The music is great indeed.

The third song is about mountains. There is an echo, snow, and cold wind. The mood is completely different, probably a bit sad. But the musical transition to the next track is a bit lighter, so that while listening to my mood changed several times. And I love it!

The fourth part of the story is a bit chaotic, I did not notice a single plot but still got the picture of something animal and floral. Plus an electronic voice, strange artificial sounds, finally, some analog of the chaotic sounds of a forest or jungle. All together it makes a unique combination. It is possible to listen to it as a separate track since it comprises everything that is in other parts.

The epilog at last. It turned out good and great. The reunion of nature and audience. Great idea, wonderful implementation, excellent result. When all songs are over, it gets a little sad…



In da Harding’s mood– oh… I still remember those wonderful times of 2006 – 2007 years as if they are now, it was the sunny spring and endless summer…

This is the same forever young music that inspired me to present you what I want 😉

Those who listened to Niklas Harding’s tracks will understand me… 😉

Style: Progressive Trance.


New Year for Excellenceis the New Year emotional and cool mix: pacified Progressive, gradually turning into a divine Uplifting Trance. This is the quintessence of love…

Styles: Progressive Trance, Uplifting Trance.

Ali Ababwa - Should've in September, [Progressive Trance, Dark Progressive, Progressive House]


Should’ve in Septemberis September magical mix: the initial tracks in Dark Progressive style contrast with the incredibly beautiful and pleasant melancholy vocals, changing into a velvety light, then gathering momentum higher and higher to the sky…

Discover something different and unusual since this mix is highly variable, unlike the previous 2 mixes from “Barsushka” series.

Styles: Progressive Trance, Dark Progressive, Progressive House.


Barsushka: Ocean of Freedomtears of happiness, the sea of sun, the ocean of freedom… there, high above the mountains and dunes, where there is the eternal love… trance is a wonderful moment of my summer…

Style: Progressive Trance.


Barsushka: Sea of Sun“Red red sun, the skyline over Ibiza, Red red sun, embrace my love…”

Styles: Progressive Trance, Vocal Trance.

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“The sun is rising.
The feel of love is running in my veins
Feels like I’m free,
Feels like I’m flying,
into the red red sun, over Ibiza.
It feels like… I’m free…
It feels like I’m flying into the red red sun.
Take me to Ibiza
Take me to your sun…
And let the red red sky,
Embrace my love.”